its been a while peeps

ooooooo peeps just had to catch my breath from al of adventures of late.

being a godess and a mother of 5 and a grand mother i thought now would be a great time too take stock of my life and energy levels.

i am in the process of starting myown multi media company. itd ben a journey so far. i have need edto be very foused and centered.

i have had my hights an dlows but on the whole. i give thanks for every day i have been granted on mother earth to for fill my dreams.

give thanks peeps evry day.


About kissmyaunttaferitt

my nubain skin tone is golden yellow. making radio programmes and being creative in what ever medium i feel like useing is my ting. i am in da prosess of setting up my own internet radio station. would llike to connect with open minded nubians every where. i consider everyone a sista or brother until they prove otherwise. as you know we come in all shades n sides. so pass thou n leave a comment if you feel like. hotep family
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