preparing my self mind body and soul for the new year

little little slowly slowly from my toes upwards life and energy is being plused though my vains

my vission of re birth started over a year ago.

to prepare my mind i had to aske the big question what is my perpose and should i be doing

it was clear that the universe was talking to me but this time i was open to recieve.

to prepare my body i new i had to lose some weight. the blanket of fat around me to project me was not needed any more. so the transformation began. 90 pounds rolled of me. as i gave my permission to just be and that was good enough. but all ways remembering i am more than.

to prepare my soul i spoke to my ancestors and my grandmother so they could give me wings

for all the great works i have too do.

a year later i have kept off 80 of the 90 pounds weight lose. i have moved home to a bigger place that meets all my needs. and i ma in the process of using all my creative energies to make employment for myself and others.

i have not met my nubian of my dreams but when i seehis face i will no hi and he will welcome a queen godess into his world and honer and love the alls of me

hotep family


About kissmyaunttaferitt

my nubain skin tone is golden yellow. making radio programmes and being creative in what ever medium i feel like useing is my ting. i am in da prosess of setting up my own internet radio station. would llike to connect with open minded nubians every where. i consider everyone a sista or brother until they prove otherwise. as you know we come in all shades n sides. so pass thou n leave a comment if you feel like. hotep family
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