why i only drink 3 times a year if that

althugh i like how drink makes me feel a bit merry cherry. i am one of does people that will be in da middle of the floor if i make my own vibs. i do not need alcohol to lossen up. i ony drink on my earth day new years eve n in the festive at some point. this is how drink effects e
1. i have not effect and can drink what i like
2. fall asleep and start snoring. not the best look 4syre.
3. get the runs for days aferwards and get a head ake.

as i do not know which effect will kick in i choose my times wisely.
not ever thing ore everyone is for you, like in life. so from time to time we must log in and lisen to what our body is tell us before that brick in da head kicks in.

enjoy your festive peeps but be kind and real with self.


About kissmyaunttaferitt

my nubain skin tone is golden yellow. making radio programmes and being creative in what ever medium i feel like useing is my ting. i am in da prosess of setting up my own internet radio station. would llike to connect with open minded nubians every where. i consider everyone a sista or brother until they prove otherwise. as you know we come in all shades n sides. so pass thou n leave a comment if you feel like. hotep family
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