its been a while peeps

ooooooo peeps just had to catch my breath from al of adventures of late.

being a godess and a mother of 5 and a grand mother i thought now would be a great time too take stock of my life and energy levels.

i am in the process of starting myown multi media company. itd ben a journey so far. i have need edto be very foused and centered.

i have had my hights an dlows but on the whole. i give thanks for every day i have been granted on mother earth to for fill my dreams.

give thanks peeps evry day.

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like attacts like

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if you want an ed-u-cated man but you ant ed-u-cated next
if you want a brothers dats got i together an you aint next
should i say more

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here me rawwwwwwwwwwww 2011. what will manifest for myself and my community

Aqea Starseed
‎|§|♥Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ♥I AM a succulent, majestic goddess emerging into her divine magnificence…2011 feel my essence ROAR!*¤•..•¤
every think i want formyself and my community will menifest.

unity-i will do my part to connect da dots with nubains locally nationally and internationally.
my internet station will be set up and running. the buzz will be so hot i will attract the right sponcers dj’s and presenters. but the end of the year
– my training package will be in place
-i will have an offer of work on tv
-getting prepared to find a new location for the station-bigger.
-continue to be even more creative
-release my album
-have my calendar ready for print
-2012 working artist aboard-geting my unity one love open air event date set
ever thing i have acchived so far has not happened by accident. i willed it. i worked for it and planned for it. connected with the right peoples and got extra training in the areas i need too.

hotep family

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preparing my self mind body and soul for the new year

little little slowly slowly from my toes upwards life and energy is being plused though my vains

my vission of re birth started over a year ago.

to prepare my mind i had to aske the big question what is my perpose and should i be doing

it was clear that the universe was talking to me but this time i was open to recieve.

to prepare my body i new i had to lose some weight. the blanket of fat around me to project me was not needed any more. so the transformation began. 90 pounds rolled of me. as i gave my permission to just be and that was good enough. but all ways remembering i am more than.

to prepare my soul i spoke to my ancestors and my grandmother so they could give me wings

for all the great works i have too do.

a year later i have kept off 80 of the 90 pounds weight lose. i have moved home to a bigger place that meets all my needs. and i ma in the process of using all my creative energies to make employment for myself and others.

i have not met my nubian of my dreams but when i seehis face i will no hi and he will welcome a queen godess into his world and honer and love the alls of me

hotep family

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why i only drink 3 times a year if that

althugh i like how drink makes me feel a bit merry cherry. i am one of does people that will be in da middle of the floor if i make my own vibs. i do not need alcohol to lossen up. i ony drink on my earth day new years eve n in the festive at some point. this is how drink effects e
1. i have not effect and can drink what i like
2. fall asleep and start snoring. not the best look 4syre.
3. get the runs for days aferwards and get a head ake.

as i do not know which effect will kick in i choose my times wisely.
not ever thing ore everyone is for you, like in life. so from time to time we must log in and lisen to what our body is tell us before that brick in da head kicks in.

enjoy your festive peeps but be kind and real with self.

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me myself n i

i would like to use this site to explore and learn from you all about your every day and my lifes from all over the world. also i am in the process of setting up my own radio internet radio station. my full profile is on face book under slaine mont mont.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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